Bunglow Elevator

Safal Industries prides itself as a reputed home elevator manufacturer to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings. Owing to our intense research and development, we design and manufacture the best residential lifts for elderly and impaired mobility people to move autonomously and free from stairs.

Bunglow Elevator

Our well-designed residential elevators include bungalows, villa, duplex apartment, penthouse lifts, etc., with superior quality. New and existing architecture is a modern product that meets a wide range of needs. From the cellar to the roof, it is noiseless, and you can move effortlessly. We got to be your first choice because we offer home elevators with safe, secure and automatic controls.. The main feature of bungalow/ villa elevators is that we allow the owner to set their lift anywhere in the home as per their requirement.


The standard size of a passenger elevator is 36 inches by 48 inches.
We indeed do! We specialize in providing all types of elevator service. We have established ourselves as the best elevator service provider in India, and that says it all.
The frequency of the service visits depends upon the type of elevator and the number of floors served. At Safal Industries, we recommend getting the elevator serviced frequently, resulting in a more reliable and long-term low running-cost.

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