Automobile Elevator

Safal Industries have a fantastic design for car mobility for commercial and residential purposes. Automobile elevators are the best methods to shift cars from one floor to another vertically in the space given.

Automobile Elevator

Safal Industries has a team that expertise in designing multiple level elevators, especially for automobile showroom and repair centres. These elevators are equipped with power-operated systems for entry and exit. We believe in providing our best to our clients and design automobile elevators in a modernized and safest way.


The standard size of a passenger elevator is 36 inches by 48 inches.
We indeed do! We specialize in providing all types of elevator service. We have established ourselves as the best elevator service provider in India, and that says it all.
The frequency of the service visits depends upon the type of elevator and the number of floors served. At Safal Industries, we recommend getting the elevator serviced frequently, resulting in a more reliable and long-term low running-cost.

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